VitaCare Pharma offers and manufactures a full range and variety of vitamins and nutritional supplement products, such as:

• Vitamin Supplements (Fat-soluble & Water-soluble)

• Mineral Supplements

• Multi-vitamins and Multi-minerals

• Amino Acid Supplements

• Digestive Supplements with various enzymes and probiotics

• Herbal Supplements

• Dietary supplements


We manufacture solid dosages - tablets, two piece hard capsules and protein powders as per customer's exact specification.

• Tablets

- Un-coated

- Plain coated (food glaze)

- Enteric coated

- Film coated

- Delayed release

- Sugar coated

- Chewable

• Capsules:

- Gelatin or Vegetarian

- Sizes: #00, #0, #1

We also manufacture products that are free of gluten, allergens, artificial flavors and preservatives.

Please contact us for more information or complete product catalog.