Company Profile


Dr. Harendra Gupta

Dr. Harendra Gupta is founder and chairman of VitaCare Pharma. Dr. Gupta graduated with a Degree in Medicine & Surgery from INDIA. He began his career as a physician in Southern Africa and was involved with many NGOs. He then moved to USA, where he is the President & CEO of a Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical packaging company. Dr. Gupta's vast experience for more than 20 years in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical industries brings a great vision and success in setting up higher bars in the business field and his continued support and contribution truly making him as a Chair-Person of this New Jersey based nutraceutical company.



Dr. Manav Shah

Dr. Manav Shah is co-founder and presently serves as CEO of VitaCare Pharma and looks after overall operations for manufacturing various vitamins and dietary supplements for domestic and international clients. Dr. Shah graduated with a Degree in Medicine and Surgery from India and a licensed medical doctor in INDIA. He began his career as a physician in India, and then moved to USA, where he has had various positions on Product Development and Manufacturing operations and then joined as a Director of Operations and Quality Assurance for a vitamin and dietary supplement manufacturing company based in New Jersey. His knowledge of health and clinical nutritional sciences is a great asset to the company. Dr. Shah's more than 12 years of experience in production, quality control and formulation has provided a great application by designing alternative medicine in a safe and effective manner....


Director of Quality Control

Dr. Amrita Gupta

Dr. Amrita Gupta holds a doctorate degree in medicine and surgery. She has worked for over a decade as a physician in southern Africa, including for several renowned organizations like UNDP, UNICEF, USAID, and JAIKA. Prior to joining Vitacare Pharma, Dr. Gupta worked as a director of QA for a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey for three years. Her rich clinical experience and keen eye for detail have equipped her well as Director of Quality Control at Vitacare Pharma.